Alexandra spoke for us in Grupo Intercom’s Christmas dinner. Apart from communicating her strength, discipline, capacity for endurance and passion, things necessary for her to succeed in all her incredible achievements, she also surprised us with her excellent qualities of communication, naturalness and proximity that she showed with everyone.

Without a doubt she’s a very special person who transmits a powerful, clear and motivating message. I’m certain that we’ll count on her for more of our events in the future, and we are certain that we’ll recommend her to other friends and directors for their companies.
Antonio González-Barros
President of Grupo Intercom
…Her messages about endurance, resilience and the importance of a belief in your own abilities really struck home to her audience. I imagine there are several pupils in that audience who will look back on Alex's talk in years to come as a formative moment in their own careers. I can heartily recommend Alex as a speaker to teenagers.
J.M. Girdham
BA, HDipEd, late Scholar of St. John's College, Oxford (English). Sub-Warden, St Columba’s College, Dublin, Ireland
Alex is a great communicator. It is excellent to see how she describes her challenges, and then puts them in context with what executives face at their companies, and how they can learn from her. Her story inspires others to see that "it is never too late to become what you might have been".
Idunn Jonsdottir
Director Business Development. Director of AMP & PMD programmes. IESE Business School Barcelona

When I first spoke to Alex about the possibility of doing this conference, I was clear that the objective was to bring a huge dose of mental fortitude based on optimism in work to all my team members at Axxon.

Alex is a magnificent specialist in transmitting these essential and vital values through her own experiences. She is a splendid speaker, capable of connecting with the public from the very first moment. She’s sincere, transparent, direct, and most of all, credible. She transmits.

Our conference was a success; I see this in the behaviour and reactions of my team in their day-to-day work, when they face the inevitable small or large obstacles.

Quim Arpí
Director General AXXON


We hired Alexandra as a guest speaker for our Program for Management Development, an Executive Education Program featuring participants with 15 different nationalities. Her stories were certainly amazing, but what struck me most was her natural ability to communicate with such a diverse group of top executives. She had the entire audience fully engaged for 2 hours and the event ended with a standing ovation and our commitment to hire her for more programmes next year.

Fernando Clariana
Ex Director Business Development/PMD Director IESE Business School Barcelona
A fantastic and very motivating experience. Through the experiences of Alex one can draw lessons applicable to any area of life: from business to personal life. The entire audience was enthusiastic, stretching the debate much more than expected. But, and I'd dare to say that this is the most important, people ended motivated to undertake their personal projects, and that's the best possible lesson.
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