Attending one of Alex’s sessions should be made an obligation for any aspiring, developing or experienced leader. The values, attitudes and behaviors that stand behind her pursuit of individual and team excellence are truly inspirational.
Prof. Markus Maedler
IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
Alexandra is a captivating speaker and through sharing her own journey, motivated the audience to think bigger and expand their ideas of what is possible in their own lives.  She is authentic and natural - something I hugely appreciate.
Kristin Engvig
Founder WIN & WINConference


Alex joined our leadership training where we accelerate the development of our future leaders, mostly by helping them discover who they are, what they need to learn and how to become even better leaders. Alex shared her life story with us in an inspiring, motivating, energetic and intriguing way. She is a well-equipped speaker and has been able to touch every single one of us. We all got something to take home and apply in our daily lives.
Judith Laarman
Regional HR Director Central Europe & Near East
Danone Baby Nutrition
Alex's talk was a success and all those present - who are all people with much long-term experience - felt truly "captured" by her message. I believe this will improve their daily work and above all, improve their mental strength.
Josep Rabat Casals
Director of Barcelona Territory
Grupo Catalana Occidente
Alexandra Panayotou is one of the most inspirational guest speakers we have had the pleasure of hosting in our annual Coca-Cola Eurasia Africa Marketing Summit. Although referring to Alex as a “guest” feels somewhat out-of-place, as in her sessions we felt part of her world as much as she felt part of ours.  Her time with us was interactive and mind-opening. Her personal story was extraordinary. The lessons she took away from her experiences as an ultra-endurance athlete were both provocative and reaffirming in how we think and behave both as leaders and team members, whether at work or play. She left us with a smile on our faces, with renewed passion and belief…in ourselves, our teams and what can be achieved when we put our minds to it.
Jean Francois Dekimpe
EAG Marketing & CCL Director Coca-Cola Eurasia & Africa Group


…Alex succeeded in conveying a positive attitude towards life, a call to continue and never give up, to achieve  maximum potential and personal excellence in everything you do, and the importance of the value of effort in everything that you propose ...
Laura Pons Casas
Jefe de Comunicación Col.legi La Vall
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