It was truly great to have Alexandra as a speaker in Holmes Place Greece’s Live Well Conference 2015 this past September. She is an exceptional motivational speaker and through her accomplishments, a living, breathing source of inspiration. Her speech and personal story were especially moving and had great impact on our team, while her life choices are perfectly aligned with our company’s motto: Enjoy the journey!

Ellie Flenga
CEO, Holmes Place Greece


As the organiser of my entrepreneurs organization forum group I was asked to get my fellow entrepreneurs out of their comfort zone for a few days on a retreat. Within our busy lives too much time devoted to growing our businesses takes a toll on the personal side.
To look in the mirror of personal excellence we hired Alexandra as a coach to guide and reflect to us where our blind spots may be, and how to avoid burnout and/or imbalance in our lives.
Alexandra did an impressive job in taking us through her own achievements and demons, and gradually explaining to us what the four key aspects are to live a balanced life. All this was set in a perfectly chosen inspirational environment. Alexandra is a highly skilled inspirator, life coach and presenter.

Drs Richard Abma
Managing partner OHV for EO

The truth is that they were excellent days, I  received more than I expected. When I went there I had high expectations, but all expectations ahve been greatly exceeded, both regarding the sporting and human aspects. It has been an enriching experience. We enjoyed spectacular scenery, delicious and hearty meals and wonderful company that made you feel like you were with friendsfrom the first moment . Sports, great atmosphere, great food and an beautiful setting. You cannot ask for more. For all I experienced, I reiterate my gratitude.

Joaquín León Cid
Founder and CEO of HOKO ESPORT

Alex’s Essential Running Camp in Papigo, Greece was a great sporting experience for me in that it allowed me to deepen and strengthen my knowledge of Running, which has now allowed me to train more efficiently and optimise my performance. The theory sessions were extremely interesting, and the Running routes took place in incredible mountain settings – beautiful and intense. I must add that all the camp staff were highly professional and attentive, a fact which resulted in a strong friendship between the runners. The accommodation and food were excellent, as was everything including the organisation of the program and the fact that there were different training groups according to the level of each runner. In short, an unforgettable personal and running experience.


The return trip was fantastic, but the memories of the camp are unbeatable. Yesterday I saw the photos on the computer was very moved. It exceeded all my expectations. Running was great, but meeting you, Frank and Yanna was the best of the surprises …



…Alexandra was asked to share with us her experiences related to teams. Through her latest challenge, Alex was able to explain different key aspects relative to her team that had great connection with the theoretical concepts discussed in the initial part of the workshop. Beyond the WHAT, Alex was a great lesson to us in terms of HOW. Her positive and enthusiastic message, as well as her bright eyes were signs of great passion, commitment, devotion and personal excellence. Thanks Alex, your talk was more than a speech. It was real therapy!

Dr Andrea Bikfalvi
Department of Business Administration and Product Design. Universitat de Girona
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