Personal Development Programs

Individual Excellence

Custom-made one-on-one personal development programmes/sessions, aimed at helping individuals develop or change any area of their lives they feel needs it. These programmes are demanding and require individuals to focus on their development both during the sessions, and also during their own time. Perfect for anyone at a major crossroads in his or her personal or professional lives.

These programmes can be arranged on a weekly or bi-weekly basis or may be arranged as an intensive 1-week programme. Please contact us for more details and for a consultation.

Essential Personal Development

Tailor-made holistic personal & professional development programme either on an individual basis or as part of a group.

Intensive Essential Personal Development Retreats

2-7 day customised personal & professional development retreats.

The program:

Intensive Essential Development is an in-depth and at times demanding personal development course.

The program offers comprehensive sessions and activities, designed to facilitate self-analysis, self-awareness, focus, and self-confidence. Path-finding sessions are designed for those wishing to change direction professionally.

Who for?

For anyone at a crossroads in their professional or personal life, who is ready for a change in direction or simply ready to further develop their self-esteem and self-realisation. In this powerful, positive, and interactive program you will begin a journey of self-discovery, and will learn and practice some of the most important steps for discovering or developing your strengths and passions. The retreat is tailor made to fit your needs and direction.  You will be encouraged to take an honest look at your life and evaluate how you feel about the various aspects of it, and thus begin to address which areas need development. 


At Intensive Essential Development we take a holistic approach on personal development. We address development both from an inner/psychological point of view as well as a physical one. We discuss in depth how the following affects our inner development: our environment, diet, physical activity, the people in our lives and our self-image, and work on the importance of recognising weaknesses while learning to harness and focus on our strengths, so as to further develop and overcome life’s obstacles. You will be encouraged to work on both your short and long-term goal setting. You will leave with take-away tools for continuing the process started at Intensive Essential Development. 


You will leave Intensive Essential Development with a clearer and more focused view on where you are at present, and which direction you want to move in. You will feel stronger, calmer, more confident, and more motivated than when you arrived, and will have a simple set of tools and steps for continuing the development you began at the retreat. You will have a clearer view on the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and the role it plays in your own development, and will therefore have the necessary knowledge for choosing the next steps in your development.


These are 2-5 day all-inclusive (excluding airfare) development programs with daily sessions, superb healthy meals, and nature to relax and disconnect in.