Bespoke development programs / Keynote Speeches / Motivational Talks

Keynote Speeches

All talks in English and Spanish

For: companies, executives, universities, schools etc.
For: conferences, product or campaign launches, graduations…

Talks of about 1 hour

Alexandra’s inspiring story shows how she came from failure to success despite numerous obstacles. Her physical but also her mental strength is testament to the fact that we are capable of so much more than we can imagine if we dedicate ourselves to something and strive for excellence. Her talks are not only inspiring and motivational but also give each member of the audience takeaways in the form of clear tools and philosophies, which can be put into practice in their professional or personal lives.

Motivational Talks

For companies, executives, universities, groups of athletes, students, women’s groups, etc.

Talks of about 1 hour

Main themes

  • Personal Excellence and Overcoming Obstacles
  • Team Excellence
  • Re-branding Failure to Achieve Excellence
  • It’s Never Too Late to Achieve Excellence

In these talks Alexandra tells her incredible story and shows that it’s never too late to change your life and to achieve your goals. These talks motivate and inspire and give tools and steps that can be put to use in your professional or private life.

Talks + Teambuilding Activity

The perfect way to amplify the impact of one of Alex’s sessions is to follow it with one of her tailor-made outdoor activities. These activities work on developing creativity, positive attitude, leadership qualities, teambuilding, and help ensure that the key points of Alex’s session are firmly grasped. Perfect to include in, or to finish off a corporate event.

Motivational Concert

For major corporate events, major celebrations, campaigns, etc.

A totally unique and highly inspirational version of the motivational talk – this 1 ½ hour event is a combination of motivational talk combined with live songs from the 80s up to the present day. Each section of the talk is represented by a song. Themes cover topics such as belief in self, overcoming obstacles, determination, resilience, positive attitude, and teamwork among others.

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