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Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

Almost everywhere we look we find imbalance: politics, economy, society, values, ethics, and, of course, the environment. What we often overlook ... Read more >>

Unlocking Your Own Motivation

Had someone told me ten or more years ago that today I would be writing this article, and more importantly that I would be writing it based on my own ... Read more >>

Choose Courage

Over the last seven years of my solo extreme running career I’ve learned a thing or two about what seems to be the fine balance between fear and ... Read more >>

It’s never too late…

You’re going to read this phrase over and over again here in Alex Living Excellence. Years ago, in all the previous stages of my life, I ... Read more >>

Be Positive!

One of the most powerful tools I possess is my positive attitude. When I talk to people about the importance of being positive, many of them try to ... Read more >>

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

One of the most dangerous tools that we use far too regularly is generally learnt when we are very young. I’m talking about excuses. We’ve ... Read more >>

Why Alex living Excellence?

Over my years as a solo extreme endurance runner I have learned and developed many values, tools, philosophies, and even reinvented my attitude ... Read more >>