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Why Alex living Excellence?

Over my years as a solo extreme endurance runner I have learned and developed many values, tools, philosophies, and even reinvented my attitude towards my life. If asked what is the most important thing I’ve learned, I would be hard pushed to come up with one particular thing, as so many of them are linked, interconnected, and work in conjunction with one another. That being said, there is one philosophy, which as I see it is the base philosophy for all I do, in my running, my public speaking, my personal development courses, my writing, and in fact in all aspects of my life, personal or professional. I call this philosophy Personal Excellence. The ability to achieve Personal Excellence has been behind all my successes as runner - it’s enabled me to excel and achieve all the challenges I have set out to do, regardless of the endless obstacles I have encountered along the way. It has helped me to succeed step-by-step in all areas of my professional life. It’s helped me develop all the tools and the strength(s) I need to face challenges, overcome obstacles, and to keep moving forwards despite the fact that at times the situation may look bleak, desperate, and that success may look very unlikely indeed. Personal Excellence has also helped me develop as a person – to face life with a different attitude, with a different set of values and expectations, and thus has enabled me to develop more than I thought possible, and has allowed me to reach a level of satisfaction within myself which previously I lacked.

When I talk about Personal Excellence I’m not referring to winning only. In life, sometimes we succeed in our endeavours and sometimes we do not. Some refer to this as winning or losing. I prefer to look at it as achieving our goals or not achieving them. We all know that we can’t always achieve everything we set out to do – to quote the Rolling Stones “You can’t always get what you want”. We can’t always win; we can’t always be the boss, get the promotion, or be the wealthiest person. When we don’t succeed, when we fail to achieve our goals it’s normal to be disappointed, sad, or at times frustrated. Too often people fail to succeed, not because there was someone, stronger, faster, more capable for the job, but because they didn’t give their best effort, they didn’t reach their maximum potential – they didn’t reach personal excellence.  When I talk about personal excellence I am referring to always doing the best you possibly can in everything you do, reaching your maximum potential in work, leisure, and in your personal life.

If you can succeed in this, in always giving your best effort, then regardless of the results, regardless of whether you achieve what you set out to do or not, though you may be disappointed in the result, you will never be disappointed in yourself, and nobody else will be either. You cannot ask more from yourself than your best effort. If you manage this, you will not only achieve greater satisfaction and much more self-esteem in all you do, but you will also reach further that you thought possible in every endeavour you set out on. It’s not enough to simply get the job done – if you want to shine within and without, then you need to get the job done as best as you can.

You’ll now understand a little bit more about what I mean by Personal Excellence and what I mean when I say “Be Excellent!” – It’s a way of life, a way of achieving your goals more often than not, and it’s a way of being happy with who you are and what you achieve.
Be excellent!

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