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Alexandra Panayotou is a charismatic motivational speaker and executive coach, who works in personal and professional development. Alex is also a unique athlete and an example that it’s never too late to start afresh. She has achieved all of her 13 challenges, which makes her one of the few athletes in the world, who has never abandoned a challenge or race, and shows not only her outstanding physical strength, but also her dedication and extreme mental strength. Alex doesn't only focus on sports. She was one of the main catalysts in bringing charity sports to Spain, not only with her challenges, but also with her motivational talks.
Another of her passions is writing. She is the author of “The Smile of Endurance,” a book based on her exhausting 2010 kilometre challenge. She has also won the literary competition: “Peregrinas por el Camino de Santiago” (Female pilgrims along the St. James's Way) with her story “Corriendo el Camino” (Running the Camino), which is based on her experiences along the world famous pilgrimage route. Throughout this press release we will be accompanied by several of Alex’s key quotes. She is presently
preparing her second book – a collection of her most powerful quotes from her talks, her articles, and her first book.

“Stop making excuses for not doing things – find reasons to do them.”

Alex’s Values

Excellence “Be Excellent” is a lifestyle, a way of multiplying the chances of achieving your goals, to be happy with yourself, with all you achieve, and with who you are. Be Excellent!
Fortitude This is one of Alex’s most remarkable characteristics. She’s a woman who began working with her challenges and has overcome them all by using inner strength. She designs her own plans of action, and then always sees them through right to the end.
Determination is a personal code; she knows how to set a goal and achieve it. She is a great athlete, and a wonderful speaker and writer. She has the gift of words and easily communicates with others thanks to her charismatic discourse.
Leadership and the ability to organise all her challenges, conferences, and retreats and then later delegate the responsibilities to her team.
Overcoming obstacles and teamwork – She is known for working closely with her team that always supports her in achieving her challenges as an athlete, and also in her work as a speaker and writer. Each member of her team is a key element in the machinery that moves the motor of this tireless athlete.

Alexandra Panayotou is of Greek origin and lives according to one of the key concepts of ancient Greece –ARETÉ or Excellence, which means the ability to think, speak, and act successfully always. Alexandra's story shows how she went from failure to success despite the numerous obstacles that have eventually led her to achieve excellence. Alex specialises in motivational talks that are based on her own experiences in overcoming obstacles.

Keynote Speeches, Motivational Talks, Programmes:

Keynote Speeches
For companies, executives, universities, conferences, events, or product launches:
Her talks are inspirational and motivational and provide key tools that can help in people’s personal and professional lives.

Motivational Talks
For companies, executives, groups of athletes, groups of women.
The aim of these talks is to motivate and inspire the audience through her incredible story, which demonstrates that it is never too late to start something new that you like and want to achieve.

Motivational Concert
For large events, corporate events, special celebrations, and campaign launches.
A unique version of the motivational talk, each section of the talk is followed by a song (performed live), which echoes the theme of the previous section. Some of the themes covered are overcoming obstacles, determination, resilience, positive attitude, and teamwork.

Essential Retreats
Seven-day programmes covering a wide range of development areas: personal development, executive development, sports development – all with small groups and in remote and tranquil areas surrounded by nature.

Essential Executive Endurance
A programme based on mental and physical development accompanied by inspirational tools and methods to help individuals continue successfully and long term in the corporate world.

Essential Development A custom in-depth personal development programme that changes lives.

Essential Running Camps
Programme developed according to the different levels of the runners – develops both the physical and mental aspects of the sport.

“Nobody said it would be easy – a challenge is neither guaranteed nor easy, but it will change your life. Believe in yourself, follow your passion, and never give up –
your results will stand out!”

About Alex

Alexandra Panayotou studied psychology and philosophy and graduated with an honours degree. She is the example that it is never too late to start something if you put your mind to it. At thirty she began a career as an athlete, and after only four years of training alone she reached elite level. After several sporting successes she turned to ultra-distance running, specialising in solo challenges. This is when she began running for charity. She is one of the first athletes in Spain to link sports with charities. Her career as a motivational speaker developed from her vast experience as an athlete. She gives talks for companies and organisations and tailor makes her work according to their needs. She is an avid writer, her first book, “The Smile of Endurance”, is based on one of her toughest challenges - running 2010
kilometres in one month. It is a sincere and self-analytical account of her challenge. Another facet of Alex is that of her Essential Retreats – challenging programmes that work on self-analysis, personal excellence, overcoming fears and doubts, and working in teams. These retreats are always held in remote natural, privileged locations such as Zagoria in Greece, a natural paradise abundant with crystalline rivers, high mountain peaks, valleys and canyons. These retreats are also going to be held
in Spain.

“You can’t choose what happens to you in your life, but you can choose to face it all with a positive attitude.”

Editor’s note

When she was running her challenge on the Camino de Santiago she needed a chant to keep her going. “A Kilometrar” was a phrase that helped keep her moving forwards without faltering. This became a motto and later after the challenge became a song that has been part of all her challenges, the chorus of which is “There’s no pain, there’s no exhaustion, A Kilometrar!” (Keep Running).

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