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Alex living Excellence Motivational Concert

After a wonderfully successful running career of 13 solo extreme challenges during each of which she learned many new things, Alexandra Panayotou has now focused her career and new horizons on motivational talks, executive retreats, and motivational concerts. The latter has been developed to combine both the strength of words and that of music, creating a new, stronger, and more direct message. The music and songs reflect and highlight the messages in the spoken part of the show.

Motivational Concert – Voices For Change
This is a completely innovative combination of motivational messages and key professional development tools using live music (hits from the 80s to the present). The music highlights the impact of each message. A unique, memorable way that inspires growth, "Voices for Change" is an effective and impactful event highlighter. A unique version of the motivational talk – each section deals with a particular theme and is then followed by a live song. Among the topics covered are overcoming obstacles, determination, endurance, positive attitude, and teamwork.
Aimed at major corporate events, company celebrations, inaugurations, Christmas or summer company celebrations, and as the closing event in cycles of executive development.
Alexandra Panayotou promotes values such as dedication and personal excellence amongst others.
These motivational concerts unite these concepts clearly and the music transports the audience with perfect timing, each song totally in theme with the message of the talk that preceded it.

“…Alexandra was asked to share with us her experiences related to teams. Through her latest challenge, Alex was able to explain different key aspects relative to her team that had great connection with the theoretical concepts discussed in the initial part of the workshop. Beyond the WHAT, Alex was a great lesson to us in terms of HOW. Her positive and enthusiastic message, as well as her bright eyes were signs of great passion, commitment, devotion and personal excellence. Thanks Alex, your talk was more than a speech. It was real therapy!”
Dr Andrea Bikfalvi
Department of Business Administration and Product Design

Editor’s note:
Music is a language that permits us to communicate in a deeper way than with just words. This language allows us to face and overcome the obstacles we’ll find in our life’s path with more ease and success. The motivational concert is something totally new, which Alex has created – a merging of two powerful elements, which create a unique experience and help transmit her message of personal excellence and of overcoming obstacles.

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