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After a wonderful and successful sporting career and 13 solo challenges, during each of which shelearned something new, Alexandra Panayotou is now focusing her new horizons on her career as a speaker, writer, and on her development retreats.

Keynote Speeches
Alex’s physical and mental strength is testament to the fact that we are capable of much more than we can imagine if we dedicate ourselves to something and strive for excellence.

Her talks are aimed at companies, executives, universities, conferences, events, and product launches. Her keynote speeches are an innovative tool that can help both in professional and personal areas. These are usually one hour talks.


Alexandra Panayotou is one of the most inspirational guest speakers we have had the pleasure of hosting in our annual Coca-Cola Eurasia Africa Marketing Summit. Although referring to Alex as a “guest” feels somewhat out-of-place, as in her sessions we felt part of her world as much as she felt part of ours. Her time with us was interactive and mind-opening. Her personal story was extraordinary. The lessons she took away from her experiences as an ultra-endurance athlete were both provocative and reaffirming in how we thinkand behave both as leaders and team members, whether at work or play. She left us with a smile on our faces, with renewed passion and belief…in ourselves, our teams and what can be achieved when we put our minds to it.

Jean Francois Dekimpe
EAG Marketing & CCL Director Coca-Cola Eurasia & Africa Group

Motivational talks

In these sessions Alexandra tells her incredible story and shows that it's never too late to change your life and achieve your goals. These talks motivate and inspire the audience and give them tools and steps which can be put to use in their professional or personal lives. These talks are aimed at companies, executives, women’s groups, etc.


The adventures of Alexandra opened our eyes and encouraged us to overcome new challenges through our own both in our work and in our and personal lives. An inspiring talk for business people – it served as a motivation to help them to strive to achieve their business projects.

Esteve Nadal
Innovations Events

Motivational Concert

A unique version of the motivational talk, each section of the talk is followed by a song that is related to that part of the talk. Among the topics covered are: overcoming obstacles, determination, resilience, positive attitude, and teamwork.

Aimed at large corporate events, company celebrations and launches, or inaugurations

…Alexandra was asked to share with us her experiences related to teams. Through her latest challenge, Alex was able to explain different key aspects relative to her team that had great connection with the theoreticalconcepts discussed in the initial part of the workshop. Beyond the WHAT, Alex was a great lesson to us in terms of HOW. Her positive and enthusiastic message, as well as her bright eyes, were signs of great passion, commitment, devotion and personal excellence. Thanks Alex, your talk was more than a speech. It was real therapy!”

Dr. Andrea Bikfalvi
Department of Business Administration and Product Design, University of Girona

Essential Retreats
Seven-day programmes covering a wide range of development areas: personal development, executive development, sports development – all with small groups and in remote and tranquil areas surrounded by nature.

Essential Executive Endurance

A programme based on mental and physical development accompanied by inspirational tools and methods to help individuals continue successfully and long term in the corporate world.


Attending one of Alex’s sessions should be made an obligation for any aspiring, developing or experienced leader. The values, attitudes, and behaviours that stand behind her pursuit of individual and team excellence are truly inspirational.

Prof. Markus Maedler
IESE Business School Barcelona, Spain

Essential Development
An in-depth customised personal development programme that changes lives. The main objective is to help give each participant a clear view on where they are currently, and where they want to reach. Focus is given to developing personal excellence so as to help each person overcome all manner of obstacles, and allow each one to develop their strengths while recognising their weaknesses.

Alexandra is a captivating speaker and through sharing her own journey, motivated the audience to think bigger and expand their ideas of what is possible in their own lives. She is authentic and natural - something I hugely appreciate.

Kristin Engvig
Founder of WIN and WinConference

Essential Running Camps
Programme developed according to the different levels of the runners – develops both the physical and mental aspects of the sport.

The truth is that they were truly excellent days during which I received more than I expected. I arrived with good expectations, but all my expectations were exceeded enormously, both on a sporting level and on a human level. It was an enriching experience. We enjoyed spectacular scenery, exquisite and abundant food, and company that from the very first moment made us feel as though we were among friends. Sports, great atmosphere, good food, and all in all a magnificent environment. You can’t ask for more. For everything I experienced I repeat my gratitude to you.

J.L. Cid

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